Hi there, my name is
and I leverage Marketing and Technology
to achieve sustainable growth.

About Me

I am a father of 3, an avid comic book and sports card collector, and have a passion for combining marketing and technology to create experiences that drive results. For over 12+ years as a data-driven Growth and Digital Marketing leader, I have lead teams to drive revenue growth in a wide variety of industries, including recently at Ent Credit Union, Colorado’s largest credit union closing in on $10bn in assets and over 430k+ members.

I take a full-funnel and holistic approach to delivering optimal omnichannel experiences leveraging marketing technology, automation, AI/ML decisioning and analytics to optimize the customer experience throughout their entire lifecycle and to deliver 1:1 hyper-personalized campaigns at scale.

My team’s focus has been on driving incremental and continual improvements through experimentation to key metrics such as LTV, CAC, ROAS, Products Per Customer, Net Promoter Score, Cost of Servicing, Retention and Churn rates.